You Guys ROCKED!

MORE Master Class was awesome!

Thank you all for making it such a great day! I felt welcomed in every way. So welcomed in fact that I felt free enough to share with you my 10 tools and 3 hacks (10/3) that helped me dig my way out of a deeeeeep pit and back into being able to DREAM again.

I’d like to share them here today so anyone reading this will have the tools I know and use that really work.

Here we go…

Here are 10 keys/3 hacks that started me to dream again.
1. You must know your why. (HACK: set reminder same time daily on your phone that states your why and I read it aloud)
2. You must know what you want. (clarity-one word)
3. You must learn from someone. (a mentor, read books, go to conferences)
4. You must develop a daily morning routine. (habits)
5. You must start with the end in mind. (work backwards)
6. You must understand no one is coming to save you. (parent yourself)
7. You must get organized. (declutter your home, office, car)
8. You must ask for what you need. (stand up – speak up)
9. You must get unstuck. (HACK: use 5 second rule)
10. You must trigger yourself daily. (HACK: set alarm same time daily to bring the joy)

And there you are. Use these like I do and DREAM again!

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